Water Sample Collection Instructions

Arsenic, Flouride, Iron and Hardness

1. Collect the sample in a pint-sized polyethylene bottle supplied by the laboratory. You can get this bottle by visiting the lab, or calling and having the lab mail you a bottle (218-846-1465).

500 ml bottle

500 ml bottle

2. Water sample collection should occur as close to the well as possible, using a point in the water system that is regularly used.

3. To ensure the sample best represents the groundwater source the sample should be collected at a location before the water is treated by a water softener, iron filtration unit, or water heater. If this is not possible, bypass the water softener.

4. Run the cold-water tap for a minimum of 5 minutes before collecting the sample in the polyethylene bottle supplied by the laboratory.

5. Completely fill the bottle and tightly close. Fill out the information form and fasten to the bottle with a rubber band. Return the sample as soon as possible to RMB Environmental Laboratories for immediate preservation.


Coliform Bacteria