Lake Monitoring Program Training

Welcome to the RMB Lakes Monitoring Program! We are so excited that you want to be a part of helping to protect and preserve our Minnesota lakes for future generations. As a citizen scientist you will have the opportunity to collect valuable data that is used on a local and statewide level. Knowing how to properly collect water samples is key to high quality results! Here are some resources to get you started. Or if you are returning to the program they can serve as great refreshers too, before the next sampling season.

The following video is our 2022 season kick off. This presentation provides all the information you will need to properly fill out the paper work and deliver your samples safely to the lab. Also in this instructional video, we will go over how to use our online database so that you access your data! This database gives you numerous different ways to pull your data, so that you can share your findings with others!

Lakes Monitoring Season Kick-Off Presentation

The videos in the link below will guide you through the step by step process for collecting water samples from a lake.

Lake Monitoring Training Videos


Additional Sampling Instruction Handouts

Sampling Kit Components

How to use a Secchi Disk

How to use an Integrated Sampler

Integrated Sampler Maintenance and Care

Volunteer Surface Water Monitoring Guide (MPCA)

Safety Data for Sulfuric Acid

Zebra Mussel Veliger Training

Zebra Mussel Veliger Sample Collection Training

Zebra Mussel Veliger Monitoring Procedure