Algae in winter?

Did you know that algae are alive under lake ice in the winter? If you enjoy ice fishing, you have maybe seen this occur.

Some species of algae are adapted to survive in cold temperatures, such as the 39º F water under the ice. The growth of these winter algae mainly depends on how much light and nutrients are available to them. [Read more…]

Water under the ice: winter layers and oxygen levels

We’ve actually had a real Minnesota winter this year, and we currently have a good thick ice cover. Today is the third installment of my articles about lake layers and mixing. We already talked about summer stratification and fall turnover; so what happens to the water under the ice in the winter? [Read more…]

How Frogs, Turtles and Insects survive winter

This week the temperature plunged and our lakes froze over pretty quickly. We humans retreated into the shelter of our heated homes and warm coats. The only animals you see outside now are warm-blooded animals such as rabbits, deer and squirrels. So what happens to the cold-blooded animals like aquatic insects, frogs and turtles when the lakes freeze? [Read more…]