Costs and Responsibilities

When a lake association joins, a volunteer(s) from the group is trained to collect water samples and Secchi Disk readings. Included on-site training is available for groups of 10 or more lakes. A sampling schedule is determined per client. Typically, once a month (5 events/summer) the volunteer is sent sampling and shipping supplies. Following collection, the water samples are shipped to our laboratory for Total Phosphorus and Chlorophyll-a analysis. Our staff then enters the data into our Lakes Monitoring Database where it is available online to the public for viewing and assessment.

Lakes Monitoring Package Cost* = $250/year/test site

(Cost based on $50/sample date for 5 sample dates: once a month May – September)

*Pricing based on pre-payment before June 1st 2019. If not pre-paid the package cost is $275.                                                                                                         *COLAs and large lake groups may qualify for group discounts and will be billed on a monthly basis.

Price Includes

  • Quality laboratory analysis of Total Phosphorus and Chlorophyll-a (MN Dept. of Health Certified: #027-005-336)
  • 7 to 10 day typical turnaround on results in our Lakes Database
  • Online data storage, tracking, analysis and reporting
  • Submission of data to EQuIS (MN state database) at the end of the monitoring season
  • Color lake map showing monitoring sites
  • Training of sample volunteer(s) via on-site training and/or videos and printed material
  • Instructions and documentation
  • Sampling bottles and preservatives
  • Coolers and supplies*

*The shipment of coolers and supplies from our lab to the volunteer monitor is covered in the costs; the cost for the volunteer monitor to ship the samples back to the lab is not included and is the responsibility of the volunteer monitor.  Equipment not included in the price of this program include a Secchi disk and a 2-meter integrated sampler. Secchi disks can be obtained for free from the MPCA by contacting the CLMP program (, 800-657-3864) or visiting To order a 2-meter integrated sampler, contact Ellie Kriese (218-846-1465, The cost of the 2-meter integrated sampler is $50 plus shipping. The reason why this equipment is not included in the price of the monitoring program is that this equipment becomes the property of the client, who is responsible for maintenance and care. All other supplies are the property of RMB Environmental and are returned at the end of the summer for off-season storage.

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