Surface Water


Lakes, streams and wetlands provide fish and wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities and beautiful views.  Monitoring these waters can provide information for management strategies.  Our surface water monitoring clients range from individual property owners to lake associations, to watershed districts to state and federal agencies.

Our laboratory is able to detect very low levels of phosphorus (3 ug/L), and our Client Services staff is available to interpret results over the phone at no extra cost.  When longterm monitoring is needed, it is helpful to have a monitoring plan.  In addition, our staff can help with finding grants for surface water monitoring.

LakesProgram_logoOur Lakes Monitoring Program is the second largest monitoring program in Minnesota, second only to the MPCA’s Citizen Lake Monitoring Program.  Over 1,000 Minnesota lakes have chosen to participate in our Lakes Monitoring Program, and our staff train over 500 volunteers in lake sample collection annually.

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