Biological Monitoring


Jeff Kasowski
Aquatic Ecologist

Our program is supported by staff with extensive knowledge and experience in biomonitoring of benthic macroinvertebrates all habitats including streams, wetlands and lakes.  We use Minnesota Pollution Control Agency protocols, but can use any other protocol upon request. We are able to provide assistance with all or any of the steps in a biological monitoring study.

  • Study design and site establishment
  • Field collection using any method
  • Lab identification of benthic macroinvertebrates using scientists certified by the Society for Freshwater Science (Genus Level – EPT East)
  • Identification QA/QC
  • Metric and IBI calculation

Our staff are also experienced in volunteer training and coordination in programs such as WHEP and SHEP.  We can help you implement a volunteer monitoring program and ensure that your data is usable for assessment through proper training, open lab identification sessions, and QA/QC verification.

Online identification key:

Press Release on SFS Certification: BioLab_CertificationPressRelease_4-10-18


Drawing by Moriya Rufer

Below are some helpful resources on biological monitoring:
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)
Minnesota DNR: Aquatic Habitats
Minnesota DNR: A Guide to Aquatic Plants