Crow Wing County Lake Reports

These are the DRAFT reports for the Crow Wing County Lake Assessment Reports project.  I have compressed the graphics so that the file size is smaller for the web.  If maps are fuzzy, they won’t be that way in the final report.  Lakes are listed in alphabetical order.

Lakes of High Concern:
Crow Wing Lake
Sebie Lake
Lake Mary

*All draft reports are current as of 12/10/2015

Comments: No trends.  Water levels have been rising since 2009.  No other concerns.

Comments: No trends.  Heavy development.  Do shoreline BMPs.

Comments: Improving trend in transparency.  No concerns.  Could protect large undeveloped lakeshore parcels.

Comments: No concerns. Could protect large undeveloped lakeshore parcels.

Comments: No trends.  No concerns.

Comments:  Excellent water quality with no trends.  Data shows spring phosphorus loading.  No immediate culprits are noticeable from aerial maps.  Could just be spring flushing of wetlands south of the lake into the lake.  Is there an association?

Comments: Impaired for nutrients.  Really high phosphorus loading Aug-Sept is likely internal loading.  Other nutrient loading sources could be curly-leaf pondweed die-off, runoff from highly developed and urban large lakeshed.

Comments: Heavy development past the 1st tier to the west.  Do shoreline BMPs.

Comments:  Overall good.  Western bay is declining in secchi.  There is a golf course on the western bay; does it contribute any runoff to the lake?  Tullibee are disappearing, but it seems a bit shallow to be good tullibee habitat.

Comments: No trends.  No concerns.  Focus on protection.

Comments: No trends.  Shoreline well-protected by public land and wetlands.

Comments: Great water quality, oligotrophic.  No TP or CHLA data.  Focus on protection.  Collect 2 years of TP and CHLA data for assessment.

Comments: In 2012 there was a flood that flushed area wetlands and caused the water level to rise 3-4 feet in the lake.  This flood greatly affected water quality and caused algae blooms and transparency decline.  Is the water level going back down?   Is there a lake association?

Comments: Impaired for nutrients, but it is a shallow lake (max depth 20 ft) with an almost completely protected watershed (72% county tax forfeit land), so it is likely naturally eutrophic.  There is possible internal loading occurring.

Comments: Improving trend.  Focus on shoreline BMPs.

Comments: Improving long-term, stable short-term.  Very large watershed, but it’s well-protected.  Do shoreline BMPs.

Comments: Improving trend.  No concerns.  Focus on protection.  Is there a lake association?

Comments: Declining transparency trend. The lakeshed and watershed appear well-protected, so it could be internal loading and/or inlet loading.  Monitoring would help determine the cause.

Comments: Improving transparency trend.  Oligotrophic!  No concerns.  Focus on protection.

Comments: Improving transparency trend. Oligotrophic!  Headwaters catchment.  No concerns.  Focus on protection.

Comments: No trends.  No immediate concerns.  Could protect large 2nd tier parcels with easements.

Comments: No trends.  Very light development and large parcels.  No immediate concerns.  Focus on protection.  Is there a lake association?

Comments: No trends.  No immediate concerns.  Focus on protection.

Comments: Declining trends.  Major algae blooms. Potential impacts: Large watershed (104:1), 31% agriculture, curly-leaf pondweed, large increase in impervious surface in the watershed between 1990-2000.

Comments: Declining transparency.  It’s unclear what could be causing the trend.  Monitor and inspect for possible causes. Is there an association?

Comments: Long-term (1991-2014) no trend; short-term (2007-2014) declining transparency trend.  Are there any changes that occurred in the lakeshed in the past few years that could be impacting it?  Almost half (48%) the lakeshed is county tax forfeit land.

Comments: Improving trend in transparency. It is a very slow and steady improvement, which is characteristic of a natural (non-human) cause.  51% protected land.  No concerns; focus on protection.  Is there an association?