Ellie Kriese 218-846-1465

Contact: Ellie Kriese 218-846-1465

RMB Labs conducts annual training sessions for volunteer Lakes Monitoring Program samplers, training over 500 volunteers annually. The sessions serve to refresh the knowledge of ongoing participants and train those who are new to the program. RMB Labs also runs training sessions for other water quality monitoring efforts including surface water assessment grants (SWAGs).

Typical Agenda

  1. Program goals
  2. Limnology primer
  3. Methods and SOPs for collecting samples and field data
  4. Data QC, access, and reporting
  5. Protecting lakes from AIS
  6. Deliver supplies for monitoring season

RMB Labs can also provide training on the following subjects

  1. Macroinvertebrate collection and identification
  2. Zebra mussel veliger collection
  3. Stream sample collection