These articles explain lake concepts in layman's terms. Lake Associations are welcome to publish these articles in their newsletters and websites as long as they give RMBEL credit.

Shallow Lakes and plants vs. algae

Have you ever wondered why shallow lakes have such dense aquatic plant growth? Having aquatic plants established in a shallow lake is a good thing, because the alternative is not so desirable. Today I’ll explain the natural state and importance of shallow lakes, and explain what happens if this natural state is not protected. [Read more…]

Algae types and preferences

AlgalSuccessionHave you ever wondered why at sometimes during the year the lakes look “greener” than at other times? The concentration of algae and the types of algae in the lake change throughout the season. This pattern is called algal succession. [Read more…]

Algae in winter?

Did you know that algae are alive under lake ice in the winter? If you enjoy ice fishing, you have maybe seen this occur.

Some species of algae are adapted to survive in cold temperatures, such as the 39º F water under the ice. The growth of these winter algae mainly depends on how much light and nutrients are available to them. [Read more…]

Algae and lake scums

Lakes contain various algae and scums throughout the year, so how do you know which are natural and which can cause harm to humans or to the lake? Today, I’ll describe some of the most common substances that lake users will come across. [Read more…]